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The Book

SCHEDULING in Christian schools is not just about the technicalities of slicing the day into bits of time. It is really about the way in which we think about children, their relationship to each other and the teachers who care for them, and their relationship to God, who created day and night. 

Reading this book will teach you about how the school should steward time so that its children can participate in, experience, and benefit from the school’s mission. And time is about light and dark. These are God-given gifts that have deep spiritual significance and we should treat them with great seriousness. 

The job of scheduling is as holy as any other kind of task. You might have thought of it as merely technical, maybe even bureaucratic. We think of scheduling as a foundation block of excellent education. Together with your budget, the schedule is the outward sign of your mission in practice. This book explores how to do that very well. Learn both theory and detailed practice! See the contents below to see everything covered for the school as a whole and for each division in turn. 

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