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Why does scheduling matter?

Because the child’s experience matters! Schedule predicts experience predicts performance!

Dear Jesus: As I schedule, help me be a light-bringer to the children in our school. Let me understand the child’s needs, and then understand my colleague’s needs. Let me listen to the defensiveness of my colleagues with compassion, and then be compassionate in the life of each child. Let me be inspired by the encouragement and prayers of my colleagues and then be an encouragement to the children. Help me build a schedule that more and more helps children grown and thrive and be joyful in their educational journey. And let there be light. Amen.

Time is sacred. Each minute is given to us for a purpose. Leading and serving our children is done sacred minute by sacred minute. As a scheduler and academic leader, you can change culture and take educational practice to the next level. The schedule is one of your most powerful tools to maximize each child’s God-given potential!.  

The Stewardship of Sacred Time

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